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Original Blog by Amy Lentz
Special Thanks to David Perry



A couple days after Christmas, about 15 of us went to the local grocery store and had some post-midnight fun. I directed and filmed. My oh-so-talented sister Mary edited the fab vid. Enjoy.



Beauty in the Bride {getting real}

This week I’d like to highlight a girlfriend of mine who, via her blog, is recounting her beautiful wedding - from the lens of how she experienced the day as the Bride. 

Can you imagine how breathtaking an evening wedding on a Virginia horse farm would be? Twinkle lights and chandeliers hanging from trees and friends left and right laughing and enjoying every second of celebrating two amazing people getting married…


I loved appreciating the beauty of a lifelong covenant being made, the beauty held in each detail, and how excited all 24 groomsmen and bridesmaids (yes, for real) were. But! I’m so appreciative of an honest rendition of the behind-the-scenes. Because nothing and no one is perfect, getting human for a second is refreshing. 

SO. Follow along as Libby gets real with her readers and recounts how her expectations were nothing close to her reality of a wedding.

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